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in the sulfur environment


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The field of research in our laboratory is the study of acidophilic chemolithotrophic iron- and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria and their role in oxidation of sulfide minerals. These bacteria are used in biohydrometallurgy (biomining). In addition to the industrial processes, spontaneous (bio)oxidation of sulfide minerals in abandoned mines and mine wastes also results in formation of sulfuric acid (acid mine drainage) and mobilization of toxic metals with resulting environmental impact. Our subject is related to environmental studies in affected areas and optimization of biohydrometallurgical processes.
Fields of interest
Enzymes in oxidation of inorganic sulfur substances
Microbial kinetics and mechanism of substrate oxidation
Proteomics in iron and sulfur biooxidation
PCR methods in detection of bacterial strains
Bioleaching of sulfide wastes



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